What To Look For In A Dance School

Choosing an appropriate dance school

Choosing an appropriate dance school for a child is an important matter and one that is often made without proper consideration. There are many aspects to take into account however, from the standard of tuition received to the size of dance classes and more - selecting a school purely because of it's convenient location, or because dance classes take place at a preferred hour for instance, isn't recommended.

When it comes to your child's education, you may naturally assume that each and every member of staff teaching your son or daughter is fully qualified. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case within the dancing profession, and there is a minority who take advantage of this knowledge.

Therefore, the first and foremost aspect to consider when choosing the right dance school for your child is the quality of the teaching staff. It is essential that each teacher is fully qualified, as this will ensure that your child receives the safest and most appropriate dance tuition for his or her age and stage of development. If teaching staff don't have the required qualifications and experience, injuries or even long term muscle or bone damage can occur.

In the UK there are a number of organisations which administer dance training and examinations, from beginner to professional level. The largest of these are:

  • Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D.)
  • Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.)

Both of these highly respected bodies have branches within the UK and internationally, and the qualifications attained from these institutions are both recognised and renowned for their high standards throughout the world.

All of our dance teachers are fully trained and have knowledge of the anatomy and physiology, and each dance class is taught using the above two professional bodies, ensuring your child has the best possible dance tuition. Miss Sarah-Jane Bullock, the principal of the school, is a member of the Modern Committee and of the R.A.D., as well as an advanced examiner for the I.S.T.D.

What Else Should I Consider?

  • How Classes Are Taught - We think the approach and manner in which dance classes are taught is important. We believe that all children need encouragement and inspiration, and that dance should instill in them a sense of discipline, achievement and awareness of each other and themselves. The qualities they gain at here at our influential theatre school can be carried forward in later life regardless of their path.
  • Safety - The school you choose should be one where you're confident your child is in safe hands, and what better way to decide this than by seeing how senior members of the school have developed and progressed? Additionally, the environment in which your child learns should be safe and clean. Check that the floors are sprung and that the studio has adequate changing rooms.
  • Staff - It is not only important that teachers are fully qualified to train your child- continuity of teaching should be a factor in order for the teacher and pupil to bond together and therefore gain a happy and successful partnership.
  • Class size- The ratio of teacher to child is also a concern in dance classes, as faults go unnoticed if the class is too large, resulting in injuries. All of our dance class sizes are small so that every child receives the same attention, care and tuition.

The Lodge School Of Theatre Dance

At the Lodge School of Theatre Dance we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching we provide. Miss Sarah-Jane Bullock, principal of the school, knows each and every child personally and is constantly aware of their progress, development and above all happiness!

We are a small school with a superb standard of teaching, offering theatre and dance classes in Berkshire from as young as 3 years old through to adult age. We welcome you or your child to join us at any stage of training, whether at pre-school or senior level, we will do everything in our power to accommodate each individual and watch as they flourish and grow under our expert supervision. Why not take a look at our testimonials to see what other students think, or contact us by phone or email today!

”When my daughter decided, aged 9, to train towards a possible career in dance, I set about finding the best dance school in the area for her. After doing a lot of research and asking a number of friends, I found Sarah-Jane Bullock at The Lodge School of Theatre Dance.”


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