Our Ethos At The Lodge School Of Theatre Dance

It is the school's ethos to provide a very high quality of teaching throughout all dance disciplines

The Lodge School of Theatre Dance welcomes you on a journey that we hope will be a long and enjoyable one. Our vision is to enter into a partnership with parents to nurture and bring out the best in every child who enrolls at our advantageous dance school in Berkshire, enabling each and every student to achieve their full potential.

It is our aim to provide a very high quality of teaching across all disciplines at our theatre school. We take a great deal of interest in each and every child and student's personal development as it is our aim to provide a caring and happy atmosphere in which the students can flourish.

Why Do Students Attend Our Theatre School?

Initially, many children who attend our dance school do so because of their enjoyment of dance from a recreational point of view, but many choose to stay with us to go into further education. Other students take their studies and dance classes more seriously from the offset, with a view to having a career within the performing arts sector- whether this be a dance career, a theatre career, or even if they wish to go into teaching.

Exceptional Teaching at The Lodge

We take into consideration every child's aspirations at our dance school as it is our belief that our success is due to the high quality, professional and individual tuition given to each child in every class.

All of our members of staff are fully qualified members of the 'Royal Academy of Teachers of Dance' and the 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance' and have a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, ensuring that each student receives the highest level of tuition and care in their theatre and dance classes which are all taught using safe methods, lessening the risk of injury and allowing for the best possible teaching environment.

If you would like to know more about our ethos or have any questions you would like to ask regarding theatre or dance lessons in Berkshire or our dance school as a whole, please don't hesitate to contact us!

”The Lodge is a very special and unique school and I couldn't imagine training anywhere else. Not only have I been taught to best the best dancer I can be but also how to be the best version of me. The Lodge has been a family to me since my first day when I was 5 and still is to this day 13 years later. A lot of the teachers are ex Lodge pupils, as well as training to get you into colleges Miss Sarah-Jane Bullock even trains you for a life after college, helping you to get your teaching qualifications and allowing you to learn alongside her. Miss Sarah runs a very professional school and I feel like she has given me the perfect foundations for Performing Arts College, teaching me how to present myself and the right mind set to do well in any situation. There is always so much talent to look up to and aspire to be like at The Lodge that I had the pleasure to grow up with and be inspired. Miss Sarah-Jane Bullock's hard work and determination is a true inspiration and I can only aspire to be like her one day.”

- Erin Birtwhistle -

The Lodge School of Theatre Dance

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07758 412 854


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