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Ballet is growing in popularity year on year and is one of the most beautiful and expressive forms of dance still being practiced. Other dance styles rely on using loose, free flowing actions, whereas ballet is more about using highly specific movements and gestures to create a fluid and beautiful performance.

Taking ballet classes allows you to express your personality and emotion whilst learning skills that can be transferred to numerous other dance styles. It's great fun and yet practice and hard work will only increase your enjoyment of this ancient art. Ballet, regardless of which style you are performing, relies on delicate and graceful movements. Mastering the basic movements will give you a perfect foundation to develop your skills right up to a professional level.

What Are The Different Styles Of Ballet?

There are three different styles of ballet: Classical, Neoclassical and Contemporary. Although they have many similarities in their movements and form, each is performed differently than the other allowing for a greater range of expression and interpretation.

Classical ballet is the oldest and most formal style and follows techniques that were developed hundreds of years ago. It is emphasised by graceful, flowing movement, balance and symmetry. The performance utilises elaborate sets and costumes, with an emphasis on story and narrative.

Classical ballet has a set structure that is fairly rigid and doesn't leave much room for interpretation. This is ideal to learn if you are new to ballet as it teaches you correct technique and form.


Characteristics of Classical ballet:

  • graceful, flowing movements
  • turning-out the legs and pointe work
  • symmetry and balance
  • complex narratives
  • elaborate sets and costumes

Neoclassical ballet was first invented in the 20th Century by choreographer George Balanchine and utilises the same vocabulary at classical ballet but allows for more freedom in its movements.

Balanchine used flexed hands and feet, off-centre positions, turned-in legs and non-traditional ballet costumes like leotards and tunics. This created a style that, although was clearly still ballet, offered something new and exciting. This style is often performed at a faster pace, using higher musical tempos with the dancers trying more difficult and technical moves.

Characteristics of Neoclassical ballet:

  • increased speed and energy
  • adaptation of the classical form
  • asymmetry
  • simple narratives
  • basic sets and costumes

Contemporary ballet takes its influences from both classical ballet and modern dance. It uses the point work from classical ballet but allows for a wider range of movement beyond the strict rules the classical style uses. A number of the ideas that define contemporary ballet is the use of floor work and turning-in of legs, which generally comes from 20th century modern dance.

George Balanchine is generally credited as being the founder of contemporary ballet through his development of the Neoclassical style. The more modern styles of ballet allows for a far greater expression and interpretation by the choreographers and dancers.

Characteristics of Contemporary ballet:

  • floor work
  • turning-in the legs
  • utilising pointe shoes and bare feet
  • increased range of movement

Ballet Classes With The Lodge School Of Theatre Dance

The Lodge School are proud to offer a wide range of ballet lessons for students of all ages and skills. Whether you are a complete novice, or you've been practicing ballet for a number of years, our team of experts can help you grow and develop your skills right up to a professional level. Many of our students enroll at the Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) after training with ourselves.

Call us on 07758 412 854 to speak to one of our staff about the ballet classes we can provide or to book your free trial class today. Alternatively, you can email us at

”I do ballet at the Lodge and have made lots of really good friends. Its fun to go and I love my lessons as you push yourself really hard and can really see how much you improve. Thank you! ”

- Lucy Hill -

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07758 412 854

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