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My daughters have both danced at The Lodge since they were three years old and they both love it! The teachers and staff are fantastic, the teaching is of a high standard and my girls have made many friends through dancing. There has also been some great opportunities to perform in public, including with Stars of Strictly two years running and most recently at the Dance Proms 2014 in the Royal Albert Hall! It is great having a dance studio dedicated to The Lodge, which has become like a second

Jane Marsden Parent of Sophie and Emily Marsden

Since joining lodge I have found that my daughters confidence has improved in leaps and bounds. She has had so many amazing experiences and has made so many new friends! The studio is such a great place to work on technique and performance skills with the amazing group of teachers, my only regret is not finding the lodge sooner!

Lisa Kingsbury

My son Emile now 9 years old, has been going to The Lodge for just over 3 years and wow what a journey! The Lodge is amazing, Emile has gone from strength to strength with Sarah Jane's help. So much so that Sarah Jane entered him in to competitions that he has won, exams that he's received wonderful marks and now into Matilda the musical in the West End. Emile would go there every day if he could

Sedge Gooding

The Lodge provides exceptionally high standards of teaching and discipline both of which have contributed to my daughters love of dance. My daughter is 9 now and has been attending for the last 5 years - I cannot remember when she missed a lesson, and has flourished and is now a confident and capable performer

Kay Tan

If dance is for you, the lodge is for you, with its brilliant teaching, I guarantee that in a short period you will become an expert at DANCE!!

Olivia Tan, age 9 years

My daughter has danced at The Lodge for the past 9 years. Miss Sarah Jane is a truly dedicated professional, inspirational teacher, who helps and nurtures every child to reach their potential. The Lodge is an excellent place for dancers to indulge in their passion, whilst having fun, and allowing them to grow as dancers, enabling them to move on into the world of professional dance. Performing for The Lodge at events such as; Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, West End theatres and competing in the All England Dance competition, has allowed my daughter to experiencing life changing events, which has grown her confidence and self-belief. Dancing has become her life and I could not imagine her dancing at any other school, this is down to Miss Sarah Jane's dedication and drive for excellence.

Julie Hammerton

My daughter has been attending classes with Sarah-Jane for the last 10 years and has thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The tuition throughout has been second to none and this has been reflected in outstanding exam results in every dance subject, distinctions across the board! In addition there have been excellent opportunities for her to participate in numerous competitions and dance performances through the school, which have all provided great stage experience. I can highly recommend The Lodge for any young person wanting to maximise their dance potential whilst making great friends at the same time.

Paul Knowlson, Daughter Angela Knowlson 12 years

Moving our daughter from another dance school to The Lodge was the best decision we ever made. She has progressed massively and they quickly recognised her strengths and have helped her to develop in all areas of dance. The technical standard produced is clear in everything they do and in the exam results. There have been many opportunities for the pupils and the girls and boys all enjoy spending time at The Lodge

Amanda Drake, Testimonial reference Lauren Drake 12 years old.

I had heard The Lodge was a brilliant school with outstanding teaching so it was everything I thought it would be and more! Since day one Miss Sarah and her staff have been wonderful . The care and dedication alongside the professionalism and enthusiasm made my children's experience an inspiring one . My children were taught proper techniques and the importance of artistry in all genres of dance instilling a sense of responsibility, the values of hard work, confidence and the love of the arts. This great dance education is reflected in all the opportunities, achievements and success stories of past and present pupils . Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my daughters and giving them the opportunity to be embarking on their dance training at such prestigious colleges.

Helen Barbieri

Having been at a previous dance school for 5 years, my daughter's joined The Lodge School of Theatre Dance in 2013 and have transformed as dancers under Miss Sarah-Jane's guidance and expertise. The dedication and passion of the Principle, Sarah-Jane Bullock, is reflected in the attitude and work ethic of her students; always giving 100%, full of emotion and of a standard I never expected to see at an amateur level! I cannot praise The Lodge highly enough and still find myself amazed at Miss Sarah-Jane's ability, to nurture the most passionate and technically challenging performances from all her students.


My time at The Lodge has been one of the best experiences! It is an incredible school and you feel like part of one big family there. The amazing and intense teaching and training from Miss Sarah and the other teachers is outstanding and really pushes you to be the best you can be. I always felt I was improving and having fun. Being at The Lodge you are always in a caring and supportive environment! I couldn't have asked for better teachers or to be part of a better school, every minute at The Lodge was an amazing one!

Isabella Barbieri

The Lodge School of Theatre Dance provides dance training (ballet, tap, modern) at a very high standard. Every child is nurtured to maximize their full dance potential. Due to the high quality of teaching, dance exam results are excellent. Children are given the opportunity to take part in Dance Festivals and Competitions as well as perform at high profile events and venues such as the Hexagon in Reading (Stars of Strictly) as well as Royal Albert Hall (Dance Proms 2014), "Move it" Dance event. My daughter joined the Lodge at the age of 3; it has been great to see her bloom and strengthen in her dance and performance ability over the past 6 years thanks to the quality training she receives at the Lodge.

Maria Hadid illus Mother of Mia Had influx as age 10

The training and the great performance opportunities I have had with the Lodge have really improved my dancing and flexibility, have made me even more comfortable on stage and have increased my confidence in general.

Mia Hadid illus Age 10

My daughters aged 15 and 12 have danced at The Lodge since they were 7. The lessons that they have learnt go beyond the skills required to reach the very high standard of ballet modern and tap they have achieved. They have also learnt the discipline needed to do well in dance as well as the enjoyment of seeing the results of all their hard work. Participation in shows and festivals both as soloists and group participants have given them confidence and provided them with some wonderful memories of experiences shared with friends

Mrs Hill Mother of Charlotte and Lucy Hill

I have danced since I was 3 and at The Lodge since I was 7. When arriving at the Lodge for lessons you always feel at home and amongst good friends. The teachers push you really hard to make sure that you achieve the very best and give you all the support that you need. Valuable life lessons I have learnt at the Lodge are determination, the importance of professionalism and the enjoyment of dance. The Lodge has given me many experiences that I will never forget and once in a lifetime opportunities - Thank you Miss Sarah, all the other teachers and of course Mrs Bingham!

Charlotte Hill

I do ballet at the Lodge and have made lots of really good friends. Its fun to go and I love my lessons as you push yourself really hard and can really see how much you improve. Thank you!

Lucy Hill

Both my daughters have attended the Lodge School of Theatre Dance, with one there currently. It is a fantastic school which teaches discipline, technique and poise over a wide range of dance styles. The teachers are experts in the way each child is taught and the children learn to a very high standard. They perform at local dance festivals, have performed at The Hexagon with Pasha Kovalev and last year took part in Dance Proms 2014 at The Royal Albert Hall. Both my daughters have enjoyed being a pupil at the school and the disciplines learnt there have been noticeable outside of dance in their general confidence and well being.

Mrs Gill

Our daughter has trained at The Lodge for over 8 years and has thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of dance taught. Miss Sarah and all of the staff have a thorough knowledge of dance and all the students are confident that they know what is expected of them for exams and performances, which is confirmed by the exam grades and competition results achieved. Safety is always a priority and the students learn how to develop their skills in a safe and controlled way. The students all enjoy themselves and make firm friends with their fellow dancers. A great place to learn and enjoy dance.

Dr S Young

My daughters have both danced at The Lodge since they were three years old and they both love it! The teachers and staff are fantastic, the teaching is of a high standard and my girls have made many friends through dancing. There has also been some great opportunities to perform in public, including with Stars of Strictly two years running and most recently at the Dance Proms 2014 in the Royal Albert Hall! It is great having a dance studio dedicated to The Lodge, which has become like a second home

Jane Marsden

The Lodge is a very special and unique school and I couldn't imagine training anywhere else. Not only have I been taught to best the best dancer I can be but also how to be the best version of me. The Lodge has been a family to me since my first day when I was 5 and still is to this day 13 years later. A lot of the teachers are ex Lodge pupils, as well as training to get you into colleges Miss Sarah-Jane Bullock even trains you for a life after college, helping you to get your teaching qualifications and allowing you to learn alongside her. Miss Sarah runs a very professional school and I feel like she has given me the perfect foundations for Performing Arts College, teaching me how to present myself and the right mind set to do well in any situation. There is always so much talent to look up to and aspire to be like at The Lodge that I had the pleasure to grow up with and be inspired. Miss Sarah-Jane Bullock's hard work and determination is a true inspiration and I can only aspire to be like her one day.

Erin Birtwhistle

When my daughter decided, aged 9, to train towards a possible career in dance, I set about finding the best dance school in the area for her. After doing a lot of research and asking a number of friends, I found Sarah-Jane Bullock at The Lodge School of Theatre Dance.


I started at Miss Sarah's 4 years ago when I was 9. Since I've been there, my technique has improved a lot. I really look forward to going as she pushes us to be the best we can be


We moved our daughter in 2008 to join Sarah-Jane and it was the best move we made. Since joining she has achieved high grades in her dance examinations and danced in some amazing places. She has performed as part of a group at Her Majestys theatre in London, the Hexagon in Reading and the highlight was dancing at the Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. These are all once in a lifetime experiences that she will remember for ever. Our daughter has made some great friends in her classes and they now socialise outside of the studio

Lisa Wilson

My daughter has been dancing with Sarah Jane for seven years, since she was five years old. In that time she has enjoyed ballet, modern, tap, street jazz and musical theatre – she loves it all! She has also taken part in various competitions and shows, gaining in confidence and enjoying working as a team. During this time she has made good friends with other pupils and built strong relationships with all the staff, as well as making excellent progress in dance. The atmosphere at The Lodge is one of discipline and hard work; the pupils take their dance seriously but they also have fun! I would definitely recommend The Lodge School of Theatre Dance.

Louise Reffin

My daughter is 15 years old and has been at The Lodge for a year and it has had an incredible year. The worry was moving from a school she had been at for years to go to a new school, but we had nothing to worry about....

Sam Morgan

My daughter loves being taught by Miss Sarah and her team. The teachers are so dedicated and passionate about what they do. For me, I would whole heartedly recommend the school, because it is giving my daughter the foundation to understand/appreciate discipline and to acquire the confidence to succeed in life in whatever she chooses to do.

Diane Wilson

The Lodge is a first rate dance school. The atmosphere and discipline engenders a real sense of belonging in the children as they learn important life skills over and above the incomparable dance tuition. Our daughter has been taught by Sarah-Jane for over ten years and has built strong and lasting friendships at the Lodge

Sigalit Boujo

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