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Next Summer 2022 here at The Lodge School of Theatre Dance, we are thrilled to announce that we will be once again running one of our highly-acclaimed Summer Intensive courses. Our summer dance school in Reading includes disciplines such as ballet, tap, contemporary and musical theatre; we will have something for everyone. Designed for students aged 8-16, our classes represent a great opportunity for dancers to try out a new style that they've perhaps always wanted to do. Even if you're well practised in your particular discipline the nature of these classes will help you to improve your skills and abilities! All of our classes are taught by professional, experienced teachers in our Reading/Earley-based studios.

Take Your Dance Training To Another Level At Our Summer Dance School In Reading.

With so much to choose from, here's our handy guide on each discipline we teach at our summer dance school in Reading, what they consist of and how they can help to improve the skills of any dancer:

  • Ballet. Despite being one of the oldest forms of dance around, it's still one of the most popular too! A staple of theatres for hundreds of years, ballet is designed to tell a story through graceful and precision dancing. Requiring elegance and poise to be able to follow each and every step, ballet is extremely eye-catching and beautiful to watch – as well as to dance to. The fact that this old form of dance is still popular today should suggest how great it is to take part – not only will you learn how to perform steps with precision, but you'll also strengthen your core and lower body.
  • Tap. Combining quick moves with percussion, tap dancing is perhaps one of the most unique forms of dance around. Dancers wear specially-made shoes that contain 'taps' that have been made from metal in order to make their classic noise when the feet of the dancer strikes the floor. The art of tap dancing was believed to have started during the 19th Century as a result of the slaves trade – African rhythmic dancing that required the feet to hit the floor was fused with aspects of classic European dancing. This new form of dance first emerged in popularity in the United States during 1920's and continued to evolve as it was included in variety shows and circus acts. Today, tap is still a popular dance to perform as well as to watch – for dancers it is perfect to learn how to sufficiently time their steps and many tap dancers have gone on to be successful in other forms of dance.
  • Musical Theatre. Fusing together dance, song and acting, musical theatre is one of the most popular art forms around. Packing out theatres all the over the world, it is unlike any other form of art – with the emotion of each and every character needing to be communicated through the words, music and movement, musical theatre will help a performer to learn discipline and focus. Thanks to the versatility needed to be a musical theatre performer, it will provide a great base for you to learn more about other forms of dance, even other aspects – such as singing, acting, even playing instruments.
  • Contemporary. Comprising of many different methods, the one aspect that all contemporary dance forms have in common is that they allow the dancer to move freely, without the need for any steps that have been structured. This allows the dancer to 'go with the flow' by using their mind and body through their movements as they tell a story. Despite its name, contemporary dance actually started in the late 19th Century and was quickly regarded as a 'modern alternative' to other forms of dance, giving dancers more room to be expressive. Thanks to the freedom of movement afforded by contemporary dance, it's no surprise to see that it's currently one of the most popular forms of theatre dance in the world.
  • Jazz. Showcasing a dancer's individual style and originality, jazz is a style of dance that is energetic and fun. Consisting of many unique moves, footwork, leaps and turns, Jazz sees each dancer interpret the steps in their own way, making for an original and unique form of dance. Similar in its origins to tap dancing, jazz is named so, as it was a style of dance that was primarily executed alongside jazz music of the 1930's. With jazz, you'll literally learn how to think on your feet during the fast-paced dance, whilst also increasing your stamina, balance and focus.
  • Street. Similar in style to jazz (in fact, it's often named street jazz) Street is a combination of jazz and modern hip hop dancing. Learning to move along with more-modern music, you'll learn how to be versatile in your dancing by understanding the different styles and interpretations that these different forms of dance bring.

Looking For A Summer Dance School In Reading? Look No Further Than The Lodge!

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