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For two weeks in July and August here at The Lodge School of Dance, our summer dance club will be open to all our students aged 8-18. We believe our summer dance school, based in Reading, will represent a great opportunity for everyone to try out a new style that they've always wanted to do. No matter how practised you are – there are always ways to improve your skills and abilities!

Here is our helpful guide to what's on at our summer dance club in Reading

  • Ballet is one of the oldest dance forms around – the fact that it's still popular today should show how great it is! Requiring poise and grace to follow all the steps, ballet is very eye-catching and beautiful to watch (as well as to dance to!)

  • Tap dancing sees you trying to make your own music to dance along to. Wearing special tap shoes, this style of dancing provides a rhythm as your feet strike the floor. Perfect for dancers who need to improve their timing.

  • Jazz is a form of dancing that showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Energetic and fun and consisting of many unique moves, footwork, leaps and turns – Jazz has it all!

  • Street Jazz is a combination of jazz, hip-hop and street dancing – a more to modern-day twist to regular Jazz dancing. Dancing along to the latest chart music, you'll learn a number of different styles and interpretations that the combination of all these different styles brings.

  • Contemporary dance allows you to move freely, without the need for structured steps, allowing you to use your mind and your body through your movements. The freedom of movement allowed makes it no surprise to learn that it's currently one of the most popular dance forms in the world!
  • Musical Theatre is the fusion of dance, song and acting. You will learn how to tell a story through all of these mediums – so it's no wonder with variety like that, that this style of performance art is amongst the most popular live theatre shows around!

  • Gymnastics is one of the oldest forms of exercise in the world. Used to increase flexibility, strength, balance and control – it's easy to see why many dancers turn to Gymnastics to improve their skills.

  • Our other classes include Drama Workshops – if you've ever fancied learning the art of acting, Creative Chorography, for those interested in learning how dance is structured and we also have Stretch classes, which help you to improve your flexibility and stamina. So there is something for everyone!

Join us at our Summer Dance Club – Reading

So if you fancy trying something different, please feel free to get in touch about our summer dance club. All of our courses are suitable for junior and senior students, and we are considering bringing in specialist guest teachers for any of our older students who may be interested in joiningus. For more information please contact us on 07758 412854 or alternatively, you can e-mail us at

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