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Over 6000 volunteers have been recruited to dance at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic games at Rio de Janeiro. 100 of which will be dancing a form of street dance named the Balie Charme. This dance will be accompanied by a musical number drawing inspiration from 60's soul music and modern R&B, a style of music very popular in Brazil's capital Rio De Janeiro.

This dance has been performed every Saturday since the 1990's when it was organised by a group of friends. The dance takes place underneath a motorway flyover in a working class neighbourhood named Madureira.

The Balie Charme A Cultural Masterpiece.

The Balie Charme is a very important piece of Brazilian culture. It brings together the community for a night of celebrations in a nation that is often sadly publicised for its crime. It's a beautiful experience of dance and unity allowing them to come together as one empowering each other as a community.

London 2012's opening ceremony displayed many Briticisms and celebrated many parts of British life. Many aspects of the Rio 2016 opening ceremony are still a closely kept secret, but we can expect that the dance and performance at the opening will give viewers an insight into Brazilian culture and their way of life, just as the 2012 performance gave foreign viewers an insight into British culture.

Small Budget, Big Emotion

Although the budget for the Rio 2016 opening ceremony is much smaller than the budget for the London 2012 ceremony, don't expect a poor performance. Instead of high-tech pyrotechnics, the Spice Girls and a 100ft Voldemort, spectators will be treated to a breathtaking evening of dance, performance and a celebration of Brazilian culture.

Other Dance Moments At The Opening Ceremony

Although little is known about what will happen at the Olympic opening ceremony, we can speculate that the dancing styles performed during the handover from London 2012 to Rio 2016 will be present.

The very famous dance event, Rio-Carnival will likely inspire some part of the ceremony. Perhaps from costumes, or perhaps through the use of samba music. Carnival is one of the key events that Brazil is known for worldwide. As the opening ceremony is designed to celebrate the culture and heritage of the host-nation, it's safe to say we'll at least see a nod to carnival.

Modern Dance At The Lodge.

Here at the lodge we offer a wide range of modern dance classes where you will have the opportunity learn a wide variety of techniques and styles. Our professional dance instructors have many years of experience, we're certain you'll enjoy studying this expressive and beautiful form of dance.

Many of our students enrol at the Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) after training at The Lodge.

Every member of our staff are fully qualified by the 'Royal Academy of Teachers of Dance' and the 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance'. They have an exceptionally high level of knowledge ensuring that each student receives nothing but the highest level of tuition available. Our highly experienced staff ensure that dance classes are all taught using safe methods. This keeps the risk of injury to the lowest levels possible and allowing for the most optimal teaching environment possible.

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